Plans Announced for June 19 Museum Galveston, Texas


June 19 Museum Inc. plans to bring boutique hotel and African American art museum to downtown Galveston, Texas. The Custom House is in the commercial center of downtown Galveston next to a trolley stop a short walk from the Strand which features retail shops, restaurants and more. It is an ideal location for cultural learning as well as hosting events such as parades, live music, weddings, corporate functions, banquets and more.

The Custom House Juneteenth Museum is planned to open in time for Juneteenth 2022.

The museum hotel will bring a new kind of cultural and travel experience to Galveston, Texas with innovative, contemporary art and genuine hospitality. Our first Juneteenth Museum hotel is planned in line with our company’s vision and feature rotating exhibitions which includes painting, photography, film, performance, and digital art. The property will also feature interactive experiences.

Other amenities include: