June Nineteenth Museum

Reading Reenactment & Juneteenth Museum Christening

Celebrate where it all began in Galveston, TX, or online. Salute the christening of the 1861 Customs House as the June Nineteenth Museum.

Date:Jun 19, 2022
Time:3:00 PM CDT
Event Category: Christening
Venue : Galveston Custom House Museum

"History is not the past; it is the present. We carry it with us" James Baldwin


The Custom House, the origin site for the Juneteenth Holiday, has challenged the core idea of the museum experience. This historic location is undergoing a digital transformation that expands its physical footprint onto a global stage. To execute this vision, a tech consortium (led by Rypplzz) will deploy a patented technology (InterLife + LightPlay Spatial Browser) that turns the air into a secure and intelligent environment. Each exhibit immerses and engages visitors by activating digital content at physical locations (on-site and offsite simultaneously). This dynamic technology breathes new life into the archives of history and sets it free to enable virtual access at any physical coordinate worldwide.

The Customs House Juneteenth Museum will open in June 2023

The Customs House Juneteenth Museum will open in June 2023


Museum Planned Highlights and Features:


Custom House Grounds and Nationwide: Large Mixed Technology Activation- Holopod Edu-tainment activation will travel the country to give people around the nation the opportunity to connect with museum/event experiences on location. A HoloPod is a LED structure that boats dynamic light show and theatrics when in "show mode." The lower box is a reflective, mirror-like surface that lends to an inconspicuous design.

Welcome Area: Wall to Wall LED Screens with vivid, moving displays and auditory experiences

Pre-Determined Locations: Curated Historical Content deployed at locations utilizing LightPlay utility (User Generated + Designed Content)

Research Center: Naming Rights opportunity for Custom House Juneteenth Museum Research Center Rotating Exhibition Space (1st Floor): Rotating Exhibitions (Texas A&M University, Perryview University)

First Floor: Holographic Theater

Family Tree Technology Area: LED Displays "Tree of Life Activation" partnership with ancestry.com.