June Nineteenth Museum

About the June 19th Museum

We are establishing the Custom House Juneteenth Museum to provide world-class exhibits, a learning center, community outreach and education, job creation of museum staff and cultural and historical preservation. The museum will develop and facilitate activities principally to commemorate the Juneteenth but will also develop and facilitate activities that celebrate global diversity and inclusion through the stories and historical significance of Juneteenth. Our collections leverage modern technology to enrich, engage, and inspire communities through insight, visualizations, and interaction.

At the June 19 Museum, a cornerstone to our mission is to give back in support of building greater awareness of the history and importance of Juneteenth in the American archive, in addition to civic and social justice more broadly. We are donating a portion of quarterly gross revenues to organizations dedicated to reform, including the high-impact nonprofits below. We intend to support these organization and organizations that share values of civic and social justice that are consistent with remembrance of, and respect for Juneteenth. These are values we share in the fight for equity, equality, and social justice, work to end racism, and strive for a better world.

Learning Center

Learning Center. The Museum will offer self-guided tours and exhibits. Interactive exhibits can create curated experiences and truly unique guest experiences. This will be especially impactful to accommodate groups coming from a K-12 setting as well as scholars participating in graduate studies and professional level. The Learning Center will sponsor a Club dedicated to the discovery and research into artifacts and objects that have cultural and historical significance as well as the stories that make them unique.

The learning services provided by Juneteenth Museum will work closely with regional schools and other institutions to develop K-12 programs that surrounding art, history, and culture of African American Heritage. The Juneteenth Learning Center will also collaborate with Historic Black University (HBU) to develop online contentment to cultivate a better global understanding of the significance of Juneteenth. The museum is exploring the development of a scholarship program in partnership with other organizations within the Galveston, Texas community.

Interactive Exhibits

Interactive exhibits create unique experiences by incorporating content that can be connected to mobile devices, 3D glasses, touch screen displays, video walls, hologram projections and other technologies. Digital content and displays are becoming increasing popular for not only their educational value, but entertainment is also a key consideration. Cost is a factor when planning for a high density of interactive exhibits can have a multiplier of 5 times that of traditional artwork. For example, space allocated to display traditional artwork $75 per

Your support makes education programs offered by the learning center and interactive exhibits possible. Join us in this important mission today.